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Tickets & How to join

Where can I buy the tickets and how much do they cost?
Tickets can be bought on the Timetravels page, please see the links on the sales page. The initial cost is 99€ if your local section is in Finland, and starts at 147€ if you are coming from Baltics. The price might change a bit due to the transportation from the given location. For an exact price, please check the Timetravels website. We recommend you to be in contact with your local ESN section for more details on the price and transportation.

What is included in the price?
2 nights on board and 1 day in Stockholm, buffet on the first or second day with a large selection of Baltic foods and open bar, accommodation in a shared cabin, a fun programme and party on both nights! When purchasing a ticket, for an additional price you may also get an Pirates of the Baltic Sea goodie bag with many gifts in it, your own edition specific white t-shirt, breakfast with lots of diverse options on both mornings, buffet on the other night, guided bus tour and guided walking tours in Stockholm.

Can I buy a ticket if I am not an Erasmus / exchange student?
Yes, you are welcome to purchase a ticket from the local section sales of your institution when they open. You can also buy a ticket from the Open sales later on.

When do the sales end?

Check all sale times here.

Last Minute Sales are available starting 26.02.2024 until 10.03.2024

Is the transportation to Helsinki included in the price?
Not in case of Finland, since there the transportation is handled by local ESN sections. However, if you are coming from the Baltics region then it is possible. Depending on your starting location, prices may change. For further information, please check the Timetravels webpage or contact your local section regarding their planned transportation to Helsinki.

I bought a ticket during the open sales, can I still take the transportation from my city with the rest of the group?
It depends on the availability of transportation from your city, please contact your local ESN section to inquire about this.

I want to sell my ticket to someone else, how can I do it?
Yes! You can do a name change! This means that your ticket can be bought by another person, and they will take your spot on the trip. See further information in the Name Changes & Cancellations tab below. 

Before the Cruise

Harbour information

Address: Stadsgården, Tegelvikshamn, 11630 Stockholm

GPS: N/lat 59° 18' 54.2", E/lon 18° 5' 45.37"

Address: Katajanokanlaituri 8 / Mastokatu 1, 00160 Helsinki

GPS: N/lat 60° 09.841', E/lon 24° 58.113'

Address: Sadama 25/2, 10111 Tallinn

GPS: N/lat 59° 26' 38", E/lon 24° 45' 37"

When is the boarding?
Our boarding time is between 12:30-15:30, the exact time depends on the ticket sale type (specific ESN section, Open sales or Last minute sales). You will receive a mail for what time you should be at the harbour or the place your bus departs from. As we are a huge group, we recommend that you board on time and follow the instructions from Volunteers.

During the Cruise

What can I know about the ferry?

During the event, we’re going to use Viking Line’s Gabriella ferry, which is a great entertainment hub on the sea with its 2-storey nightclub, pub, café, restaurant, casino and all the PoBS activities aboard. There is also a large tax free shop on Gabriella, where passengers can buy cheap souvenirs, drinks and other goods. The ferry was built in 1992 in Croatia, and it is a common guest in the Baltic waters, frequently operating on nordic routes. Gabriella can host 2400 passengers on board with its 171m length and 28m breadth, making it a true floating city for you to explore! You can check more information HERE

For more information about the ferry please refer to the service provider (Viking Line).

Is tap water drinkable onboard?
Yes, it is.

Can I drink in the hallway? Can I drink tax-free alcohol onboard?
Only non-alcoholic beverages are allowed to drink on public areas of the ferry. The bars are open until 4.30 and the prices are student-friendly. Alcohol purchased from the bars should not be drunk in the cabin hallways.

Bars stop serving alcohol both nights at 04:00 EET.

Can I smoke inside?
No. Smoking is allowed only on the outside deck area.

I have a special diet or food allergies – can I still join the buffet?
The buffet has several dishes available, also vegetarian and vegan ones. Lactose and gluten free options should be clearly indicated on the descriptions next to each dish. If you have other food restrictions and you’re unsure of what you can eat or not, don’t hesitate to ask the restaurant staff for help!

Can I pay with a bank card onboard?
Yes, though Visa Electron might not work all the time. It's best to have some cash on hand just in case. Onboard it's possible to pay with Euros or Swedish krona.

What can I expect from the cabin?

You will most likely be placed in 4-person cabins unless you purchase other tickets. There is an internal phone, air conditioning, toilet and a shower. Shower gel/shampoo as well as towels and sheets are also included. You can take a look around such a cabin HERE.

Is bedding/towels included?
Yes, bedding and towels are included and can be found in your cabin.

Can I choose who do I share my cabin with?
If you bought your ticket during normal sales from your ESN section or Open Sales, you will be sent a cabin sharing document from Timetravels after the sales end. You will be able to indicate the names of your preferred cabin mates to the file. Unfortunately, since all spots need to be filled, we cannot guarantee in each case that you will get the cabin mates you wish to stay with, although we will try our best to fulfil your wishes. This option is not available for the tickets sold during last minute sales.

Can I bring alcohol and food onboard?
You may not bring any alcohol to the ferry. There is going to be a security check at the terminal for all participants and any alcohol found will be confiscated and will be left in the harbour. You may bring a small amount of snacks and non-alcoholic beverages in unopened containers. 


Can we leave our luggage on the ferry when we go to Stockholm?
During your day in Stockholm, you keep your cabin and you can leave the luggage there. It is as safe as a hotel room. Please note that neither the ferry company nor ESN Finland takes responsibility for any valuables left in the cabins.

How can I get the extra activities which are not included in the regular ticket?
Extra activities (guided bus tours and walking tours) can be bought through your user account on www.timetravels.com.

Activities "not available now" are expected to be on sale online or upon arrival at the destination.

At the destination the activities cost +5€ except for the activities not on sale online (which are free).

Can I decide to discover Stockholm by myself? Do you have any suggestions what to see there?

You are welcome to look around Stockholm by yourself, in case you decide not to take extra activities. We’ve got you covered with some ideas! Stockholm’s beautiful old town might be worth taking a look, with all it’s colorful buildings, busy main square and rich selection of bars, cafés and restaurants.

Optionally, a walk around the Royal Palace might also be a good option for you, which is located in the old town (Gamla Stan), and is still the Swedish royal family’s official residence up until this day.

If you fancy some walking, you could visit the Royal National City Park not too far from the city center. In the same area, you will also find the Skansen open-air museum with beautiful old houses, the Aquarium & Baltic Sea Science Center, as well as Stockholm’s amusement park, Gröna Lund.

However, if you are rather a museum-person, Stockholm has plenty of exciting places to offer: you could visit the famous Vasa Museum, hosting the only preserved 17th century ship in the world, which sank in the Stockholm harbour on its’ first voyage, or you can choose to go to the ABBA Museum instead, which is telling the story of Sweden’s most successful musical export. Other excellent options could be Fotografiska, the Nordic Museum, Toy Museum, Nobel Prize Museum or the Viking Museum. Want to make it as budget-friendly as possible? The City Museum, The Medieval Museum, The National Sports Museum, Accelerator and The Living History Forum don't have any entry fees.

Rules of order

To make your journey pleasant and safe, we ask you to follow these rules. Please remember that Viking Line has the right to refuse carriage to all violators of the order on the ferry, and the cost of tickets will not be refunded.

Please read Rules of order on Viking Line website.

Lost and found

Pirates of the Baltic Sea crew and ESN Finland is not responsible for lost items. Please refer to the service provider Viking Line for more information.

Stockholm–Helsinki and Helsinki–Tallinn routes

Items are handed over to the lost property office in Helsinki:

Viking Gabriella ferry

More information can be found here. Valuables such as passport, wallet, camera, etc. are sent to the Stockholm City Police lost property office. Clothes, shoes and other lost property are kept on board for a maximum of one week and are then given to charity.

Stockholm City Police:


Name Changes & Cancellations

In case you purchase your ticket for the event, but are unable to join after all, you have two options to solve this situation: you can choose to cancel your ticket, or to ask for a name change, so someone else can go instead of you.

How do cancellations & refunds work?

You can add an optional extra safety feature for 15€ to make your ticket "flexible" when you are doing the purchase. This will allow you to cancel your spot and to get a refund at a later date as well.

If you have questions about cancellations and refunds, please contact our partner Timetravels at customerservice@timetravels.fi!

Cancellation fees (paid online):

How do name changes work?

You can sell/give your tickets to someone else by doing a name change, so they can attend the event instead of you. This means that your ticket can be bought by another person, and they will take your spot on the trip. To start the name change procedure, please contact pobs@esnfinland.eu, and we will provide further help. In case you have any questions, you can also ask them here.

Name change fees:

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