Pirates of the Baltic Sea


One boat


Two nights


>1500 students


Day in Stockholm

What is PoBS?

Don't take our word that it's awesome; take a look for yourself!

In essence Pirates of the Baltic Sea is..

A cruise for (not only) exchange students from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and beyond

Two nights of activities on the beautiful Silja Symphony

A day in magnificent capital of Sweden, Stockholm

And tons of fun with more than 1500 other students from all over the world!

How can i join?

Pirates of the Baltic Sea is organized 18-20th of November, 2018. This is a special 15th edition meaning everything will be as before, except much more and much better! You can take a part by purchasing a ticket from:

Your local ESN section during announced sale times

Open sales that open during section sales (if you didn't buy from your section or are not part of any)

Flash sales if you waited until the last moment and there were tickets remaining from Open sales

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Our partners


Aikamatkat Oy - Timetravels Ltd. is one of the leading travel agencies in Scandinavia, specializing in cultural group travel to Russia, Ukraine, Baltics and Scandinavia.

Aikamatkat is especially famous for the student tours to Russia and Lapland, those are arranged almost weekly during the fall and spring semester (Sep-Dec and Jan-May). All trips are packed with action, culture and night life. Thanks to the high quality of their services, Aikamatkat is the official travel partner of most of the Finnish universities, student unions, ESN organizations etc.

Tallink Silja

Tallink and Silja Line take you to the best holiday destinations of Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. Join us on an adventure in the idyllic archipelago of northern Baltic Sea, on the beautiful state-of-the-art ships. Welcome on board!

Tallink Silja Oy is part of Tallink Group - the leading passenger shipping company in the Baltic Sea offering a wide range of services and access to the entire Baltic Sea Region all year round.

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For issues/questions regarding...

Booking and payments (e.g. not able to pay by card, didn't get booking confirmation email)

Travel insurance for the cruise

Legal side of the cruise and booking

Refund (available only until 3.10)

Name changes (when ticket is resold to another person) till 8.10 12:00

Contact customerservice(at)timetravels.fi

For issues/questions regarding...

Activities on the boat

Boarding and getting around the Olympia Terminal

Time in Stockholm

Contact pobs(at)esnfinland.eu