Pirates of the Baltic Sea

Saturday 13.04.24 - Monday 15.04.24

One Boat, Two Nights, 1500+ students & a day in Stockholm!

What is Pirates of the Baltic Sea?

It is an international cruise for students from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and beyond! It includes two nights of activities on the beautiful cruise ship, a day in magnificent capital of Sweden, Stockholm and tons of fun with more than 1500 other students from all over the world!

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Welcome to Stockholm!

Stockholm is located on fourteen small islands of Lake Mälaren. You can begin to enjoy the views from on board as the ferry passes through the coastal archipelago. And it is better not to rush in order to really get to know the city. The Swedish capital is a great experience any time of the year.

Learn more about Stockholm and it's history by joining a walking or bus tour! (Available during ticket sales)

What is on the menu?

The cruise takes place on a gigantic boat that has several restaurants, cafes, and night clubs which guarantees you have places to choose from when eating and drinking. 

There is also a large tax free shop on the boat where you can go shop for cheap souvenirs or drinks. The tax free is open from the departure until the late evening. 

The 4-person sleeping cabins are equipped with bed sheets, towels, showers and toilet, everything you'd need for a two night trip!

How can I join?

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Erasmus experience but within 3 days? You got it!

This awesome boat trip is like a month of activities on just two nights! Non-stop partying and in addition sightseeing in Stockholm! 

There are plenty of activities all over the boat, so you'll never be bored.

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Find the registration form in the Survival Guide. Registration is mandatory!

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