The price of a ticket is 75 € + transportation from outside Helsinki area. The exact price depends on where you're coming from!

For sales from your own section, check the Timetravels website under your section!

Each ESN section has a separate registration link, contact your own section to know when and how the registration opens. The trip can be paid with most of the common credit cards or a bank transfer. In case you have questions, or you don't know which section you should ask for information, please visit where you can find all Finnish sections's contact information or contact pobs(at)

The registration and ticket sales are done through an online registration system offered by our partner Timetravels.


By buying the ticket, the participants agrees to travel under their own insurance company responsibility and laws of common sense. ESN Finland will not be held in responsible for any injuries, accidents, losses or death.


In the online registration system you can choose between a payment with credit card ,PayPal or bank invoice. Card payment costs 3€, which will be added to the ticket price. The Invoice will be delivered to your email address with a deadline for payment, bring it to the closest bank by the indicated date on your invoice to pay your fee. If you don’t get an invoice after three or four days from the payment, please contact Timetravels immediately. In case of problems with the registration or payment you can contact Timetravels at tel. +358104218990 or go to their website and choose to chat with them by chat (only available during office hours).

Note that only a paid reservation is valid!

Cancellation policy

If the trip is not paid your online reservation will be cancelled automatically. As soon as you have paid, your participation is confirmed and you'll have a reserved place on the ship. You are allowed to cancel your reservation with a 75% refund until 19th of February. You may also provide us with a name change, i.e. sell your ticket to someone else, free of charge until 19th of February 23:59 GMT +2. After that, i.e. 20th of February, the name changes and ticket resales are subject to an administrative fee of 20€, which is collected from the passenger in the Harbor prior to receiving their ticket. Please note that in case you want to sell your ticket to somebody else, you will need to find a buyer on your own, we cannot, unfortunately, take your ticket and sell it to somebody else or  get you in touch with potential buyers.