Guided tours in Stockholm

Guided tours will be 2h or 3h depending on which you pick.

They include:

Compact sightseeing tour. Stockholm is spread across 14 islands and we will drive through many of them during our tour. On tour you can hear and experience the colourful history of Stockholm from Birger Jarl's time on the 13th century to this day. Stockholm is the first city that got the title of European Green Capital. This can be seen in the many parks and water in Stockholm.

Vasa Museum and the City hall are the most popular attractions of Stockholm. Vasa Museum is on the island of Djurgården. The museum displays the only almost fully intact 17th century ship that has ever been salvaged. The warship Vasa sank on her maiden voyage in 1628 and was raised 300 years later. And the Nobel award is organized every year on the 10th of December in the City hall.

You will get an all English tour in the city showing the sights and a walk in the old town. (No Museums included unfortunately). The three hour version contains more walking in the old town with the guide showing you around.


Top ten places to see

  1. Gamla Stan – the old heart of the city. Lovely small cobble stone streets with idyllic cafés and shops. 
  2. Royal Palace – one of the largest palaces in Europe, this is where the royal family still has a residence! See the guard change at 12.15.
  3. Vasa Museum – Vasa skeppet sunk in it's maiden voyage in 1628 in the middle of Stockholm. It was lifted only in 1961 and is very well preserved!
  4. ABBA Museum – museum full of ABBA's clothes, music, films... What else would you ever need? Book tickets in advance for cheaper price!
  5. Fotografiska – 4 large collections of contemporary photography. If you have any interest in photos, this is the place to visit! Don’t forget your credit / debit card! The museum doesn’t allow cash payments.
  6. Skyview – see Stockholm from the sky, up in 130 meters! Price per person 150 SEK.
  7. Skansen Open-Air Museum – the oldest open-air museum in th e world from 1891, you can find out a lot of Swedish and Scandinavian history
  8. City Hall – the place where Nobel Banquet is held.
  9. Drottninggatan & Kungsgatan – two of the major shopping streets.
  10. Stortorget – the oldest place in the city, this is what Stockholm was built around!

Local transportation

You can buy the single tickets from a machine or at the entrance of the Subway. One way costs 36 SEK, if you buy from the ticket machine and pay by bank card. Pay attention that the ticket from the ticket booth at the station, paid by cash, is more expensive!. You can also buy tickets at the info desk on the boat. It's easiest to buy 2 tickets already on the boat for the metro to the city and back to harbor. If you're planning on using more than 3 metro journeys, it's cheaper to buy a 24 hour ticket.

Traveling to and from the ferry terminal only requires zone 1. Värtahamnen is located close to subway station Gärdet (500 m), just follow signs towards “tunnelbana” or Gärdet to get to the trains. There are signs that say Värtahamnen as soon as you get off the train. (Red line towards Norsborg or Fruängen to get to city center) (Red line towards Ropsten to get back to harbor)

Train stations in the city center:

  • T-centralen (central station)
  • Gamla Stan (Old town)
  • Slussen (north tip of south island)
  • Östermalmstorg (Stureplan and Hamngatan)


Photos Jeppe Wikström, Nicho Södling & Yanan Li/