All passengers will be in cabins of four or three passengers. These cabins have a shower, a bathroom, a full set of towels and sheets and also basic toiletries.  The cabins are located in four different categories: A, B, C and Promenade. There are no cooking possibilities on board and there is no fridge in your cabin. The cabin is cleaned during the day in Stockholm, but you can leave your luggage there during the day.

You will be able to pick  who you wish to share your cabin with on every  sale except for the final Flash Sale. We will follow these wishes the best we can, but we cannot guarantee them. Unfortunately it's not possible to change or swap the cabin you have received in the harbour with another person, as your cabin key is also your personal boarding pass. If you do not hold your own pass when entering the boat, you may be denied entry.

In a case where you do not fill a cabin yourself, i.e. you have two friends and you in a four people cabin and one bed is left empty in the cabin division sent to you later, we cannot guarantee, that that empty bed will be filled with a person of the same sex. We will naturally do our best to make it happen, but cannot make any promises.

Note that in case of any damages the passengers staying in the cabin are responsible for paying them. Your cabin is opened with your boarding card; if you lose the card you can get a new one from the info desk but you need to pay a small fee. Be careful with the card, for example keeping it next to your phone can damage it and it won’t work anymore.

Food and drinks

  • Restaurants

There are plenty of restaurants on board. Restaurant Fast Lane is open also during night time and offers small snacks.

  • Buffet

All passengers have an 'all you can eat and drink' buffet included in their tickets for the first night. At the terminal you will get a voucher from your Group Leader or from the ticket booth that gives you the entrance to the buffet area. Your ticket will have a certain time and place for your seating. There are three seatings, make sure to be on time for your own! Make sure you don't forget the ticket – we only have one per passenger!

  • Bars and Discos

We have two discos and we guarantee that they are fully packed with party people until late in the morning. There are also several different bars where different activities will take place or you can just go there to hang out and listen to live music. The bars and clubs close at 4:30 local time, so there’s no need to have parties in the hallways.

  • Atlantis Palace

Located in the fore of the ship with big windows showing the way. There you will find the Welcome/Farewell and Midnight shows on both nights  and a DJ for partying during the night!

  • New York Club and Lounge

The place to be for Karaoke and nightclub atmosphere. It's located high on Deck 13, so don't forget to check out the view!

There are plenty restaurants on board. You can always find an open restaurant in the Promenade. The exact opening hours for each restaurant will be available on board. They serve snacks and drinks for an affordable price. The bars and clubs close at 4.30 local time, so there’s no need to have parties in the hallways. You can check the exact details on the different restaurants at Tallink Silja website.

The Sunflower Oasis

The Sunflower Oasis hosts a sauna and a spa on deck 12 will be open already when the first students start to board the ship. There is a jacuzzi and a public sauna. Is there a better place than a sauna after a long ride in a bus with tens of pirates? During sauna you can enjoy some refreshments from the pool bar and relax in the jacuzzi! The entrance costs only 10 euros! You also can rent a private sauna for up to 10 people.

Tax free

Buy everything you need for a cruise full of party, food, drinks, souvenirs, perfumes and more. You can find a big selection of cosmetics, candy, perfumes, alcohol and other for a good price. 

Activities on board

On board we offer various activities, all for free of charge for the holders of our participant bracelets! You can join dance lessons, speed friending or maybe sing your heart out in Karaoke! Without forgetting the program the ship company offers.

Rules and security

Obey the cruise personnel and the ESN Group Leaders' instructions. There is extra security on board for our cruise to make sure everything goes smoothly. Take care of each other and contact personnel in any situation you need help. Note that there is a jail cell on the boat...

Other important information

  • There is a free wifi onboard in public locations. The speed and quality varies depending on the ship's location. You need your boarding pass to connect to the wifi.
  • Time in Sweden is GMT +2, so it's -1 hours from Finland. On the way to Stockholm the boat operates under Finnish time, but on the way back to Helsinki all the activities are under Swedish time.
  • Lost and found is located at info desk. After cruise it can be asked from Finland's Found Property Service.
  • In case you need help, contact cruise personnel at your cabin phone calling 9999 or visit the info desk.
  • You can buy local transport tickets to Stockholm metro at the info desk.
  • Boarding on Monday to go back to Helsinki ends at 16.30. Don't be left behind, so arrive to the harbor at the latest 16.00!