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Cruise info

Relevant information for PoBS Autumn 2019


I'm joining PoBS from...


Download the guidebook for pirates joining PoBS from Helsinki

I'm joining PoBS from...


Download the guidebook for pirates joining PoBS from Tallinn

Find out more info about the program organised on board!

Harbor instructions

To ensure pleasant and as fast as possibe harbor experience, please follow these procedures

  1. Arrive to harbor at the time designated in the guidebook
  2. Go to correct ticket booth (they are sorted by the first letter of your surname)
  3. At ticket booth you will get:
    • Boarding pass which also serves as the cabin key
    • Buffet voucher
    • PoBS wristband to enter activities
    • Goodie bag containing T-shirt and other goodies
  4. After getting the ticket, proceed to board the ship or wait in cafes/away from the ticket booths as there will be lots of traffic
  5. Board the ship before 16:00

If you bought your ticket from someone and haven't done a name change, go to name chages booth instead

Map of the harbor


Few ideas on what to do and see..

Old Town (Gamla Stan)
A place to see
Experience the original Stockholm by visiting the charming Old Town. Most building are from the 17th and 18th century. The Royal Castle is located in the Old Town, but it’s closed during Mondays. You can still have a look at it and check out the changing of the guards at 12:15 in the palace courtyard!
Sergel’s Square (Sergels Torg)
A place to see
This is the town square in the middle of central Stockholm. You might have seen the classic triangle pattern in the pictures before, but it’s time to check it in reality! When you step on this square, you know you are in Stockholm.
Vasa Museum
A place to see
Galärvarvsvägen 14. Vasa Museum is a maritime museum in Stockholm. The museum shows the almost fully preserved Vasa ship that sank on its maiden voyage in year 1628. Vasa Museum is the most visited museum in Scandinavia. The entrance is 150 SEK (14.05 €).
ABBA Museum
A place to see
Djurgårdsvägen 68. If you are a true ABBA fan, this is the place for you! Come see ABBA’s work showcased in an interactive way. The museum opened in 2013. The tickets are 175SEK (about 18€) for students and 250SEK for adults. Note! You cannot pay by cash in this museum!
Stockholm city hall
A place to see
Hantverkargatan 1. City hall with its spire featuring the golden three crowns is one of the most famous silhouettes in Stockholm. Guided tours are available all year round. Price: 90SEK (about 10€)
Great place to eat at
Stortorget 20. Kaffekoppen is a popular café located in Gamla Stan (the Old Town), close to the Royal Palace. It’s a café popular for serving huge cups of coffee! You can also find a lot of different options for lunch, like pies or sandwiches.
Café Kladdkakan
Great place to eat at
Stora Nygatan 32. Café Kladdkakan is a cozy café in the Old Town inspired by Italy. It is a pretty small café that often is crowded, and it is popular among both tourists and the locals. There are several lunch options, that vary from day to day, and you can choose between deluxe salads, grilled sandwiches and large sandwiches. If you are more in for a yummy cake, there is also plenty to choose from. Every day, lunch is served from 11 AM to 2 PM with coffee or tea included.
Great place to eat at
Welcome to Stockholm´s most diverse restaurants! Kungshallen is located at Hötorget in Stockholm city centre. Here you can find 16 different restaurants all in the one place!
TGI Fridays
Great place to eat at
Birger Jarlsgatan 16 & Hamngatan 19. Come and enjoy a tasty lunch at TGI Fridays! They serve a variety of differents foods, we suggest trying the hamburgers. There are two restaurants in Stockholm, both in the city centre.
SF Bokhandeln
New shopping experience
Västerlånggatan 48, Gamla stan, Stockholm Pirates live in a magical world, between swords fight and cannon balls, we are sure some of you will be interested to check this shop, because what's best then to follow your passion? So for all the geeky pirates out there, this is the shop for you! You will find everything from books, to figurines, to dvds for all your sci-fi/fantasy needs! This is one of the best shops in town, so don't miss it!
New shopping experience
A walking street full of shopping opportunities starts in Old Town and continues its way through the city center. Check out all the different shops, restaurants and cafés.
Shopping Malls
New shopping experience
Stockholm has a few large shopping malls in the city center. From Sergel’s Square you can walk onto Hamngatan and find your way to Gallerian and NK. On the other side from Sergel’s Square you can find Åhléns (on Klarabergsgatan). These shopping malls are perfect for the eager shopper!
New shopping experience
Bibliotekstan is exclusive and Stockholm's most affluent shopping district. It’s located between Stureplan and Norrmalmstorg in central Stockholm. You can truly discover Swedish and international fashion and design.
Modern Retro - A vintage goldmine
New shopping experience
Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 9, Metro: Mariatorget. 200 square meters full of vintage and second hand clothes, shoes, accessories and other treasures. Opens at 12.
New shopping experience
Regeringsgatan 58 & Renstienars gata 12. Do you love chocolate? From Chokladfabriken you can find chocolate in almost every imaginable variable! Everything is made by hand and therefore contains both love and chocolate. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee at these locations. Every terrific pirate has a sweet tooth, right?
Made by Roman Hyvönen