Cruise info

Relevant information for PoBS Spring 2019


I'm joining PoBS from...


Download the guidebook for pirates joinig PoBS from Helsinki

I'm joining PoBS from...


Download the guidebook for pirates joinig PoBS from Tallinn

Funland sales

During the cruise there will be Funland sales on both days

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Harbor instructions

To ensure pleasant and as fast as possibe harbor experience, please follow these procedures

  1. Arrive to harbor at the time designated in the guidebook
  2. Go to correct ticket booth (they are sorted by the first letter of your surname)
  3. At ticket booth you will get:
    • Boarding pass which also serves as the cabin key
    • Buffet voucher
    • PoBS wristband to enter activities
    • Goodie bag containing T-shirt and other goodies
  4. After getting the ticket, proceed to board the ship or wait in cafes/away from the ticket booths as there will be lots of traffic
  5. Board the ship before 16:00

If you bought your ticket from someone and haven't done a name change, go to name chages booth instead