By buying a ticket you’re agreeing to follow the rules set by Tallink Silja and the ESN crew.


Important General Rules:

  • Age limit for the cruise is 18.
  • There is a security check at the terminal. All own alcohol is prohibited and will be taken away. Even other types of bottles and cans can be confiscated by the security.
  • Student overalls are allowed.
  • The cruise is not a charter, so there will be other passengers as well. You have to behave in a responsible way.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the ship! Only on the outer decks or marked smoking areas!
  • During the cruise all the Tallink Silja rules apply and passengers are expected to obey any instructions given by the personnel and security staff.

Obey the cruise staff and the ESN Group Leaders' instructions. There is extra security on board for our cruise to make sure everything goes smoothly. Take care of each other and contact the staff in any situation you need help. Note that there is a jail cell on the boat.

By buying the ticket, the participants agrees to travel under their own insurance company responsibility and laws of common sense. ESN Finland will not be held in responsible for any injuries, accidents, losses or death.



In the online registration system you can choose between a payment with credit card ,PayPal or bank invoice. Card payment costs 3€, which will be added to the ticket price. The Invoice will be delivered to your email address with a deadline for payment, bring it to the closest bank by the indicated date on your invoice to pay your fee. If you don’t get an invoice after three or four days from the payment, please contact Timetravels immediately. In case of problems with the registration or payment you can contact Timetravels at tel. +358104218990 or go to their website and choose to chat with them by chat (only available during office hours).

Note that only a paid reservation is valid!


Cancellation policy

If the trip is not paid your online reservation will be cancelled automatically. As soon as you have paid, your participation is confirmed and you'll have a reserved place on the ship. You are allowed to cancel your reservation with a 75% refund until 19th of February. You may also provide us with a name change, i.e. sell your ticket to someone else, free of charge until 19th of February 23:59:59 GMT +2. After that, i.e. 20th of February, the name changes and ticket resales are subject to an administrative fee of 20€, which is collected from the passenger in the Harbor prior to receiving their ticket. Please note that in case you want to sell your ticket to somebody else, you will need to find a buyer on your own, we cannot, unfortunately, take your ticket and sell it to somebody else or  get you in touch with potential buyers.


Name changes can be made via e-mail to this address: pobs(at) To confirm the name change and to avoid any mistakes, both seller and the buyer have to send an email with following information:

Subject of email: Name change

Seller’s full name, date of birth, nationality, phone number

Buyer’s full name, date of birth, nationality, gender, email, phone number and t-shirt size


Visa & Passport Information

All passengers MUST have a valid European ID card or passport to board the boat. If you are a citizen of a country within Schengen you only need a Schengen valid ID. Other citizens may need a passport and possibly a visa. Contact your embassy for more information. Cancellation policy applies – ESN will not refund your ticket if you have passport/visa troubles. Check with your embassy to make sure you have the right documents with you to enter Sweden.


Other important information

  • There is a free Wi-Fi onboard in public locations. The speed and quality varies depending on the ship's location. You need your boarding pass to connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • Time in Sweden is GMT +1, so it's -1 hours from Finland. On the way to Stockholm the boat operates under Finnish time, but on the way back to Helsinki all the activities are under Swedish time.
  • Lost and found is located at info desk. After the cruise it can be asked from Finland's Found Property Service.
  • In case you need help, you can contact the cruise staff at your cabin phone calling 9999 or visit the info desk on Promenade.
  • You can buy local transport tickets for Stockholm metro at the info desk.
  • Boarding on Monday to go back to Helsinki ends at 16:15. Don't be left behind, so arrive to the harbor at 16:00 at the latest!
  • Check FAQ at


All reservations are made online following a specific signup link. There are no paper tickets - instead, boarding passes will be distributed to all passengers based on online reservation. You will get your boarding pass at the terminal on the departure day.
More information from your local section cruise coordinator. You can find local sections’ contact information on ESN Finland website, under the "ESN Sections in Finland".


Because of large amount of people, boarding is divided into separate time slots. Follow the instructions you receive upon registration or from your Group Leaders and board the ship at the time given to you. There will be a security check during the boarding for all passengers. You are not allowed to bring on board any kind of alcohol or opened bottles. Small snacks,small unopened juices and soft drinks are allowed. Music players and speakers might be confiscated.