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Pirates of the Baltic Sea

One boat

Two nights

>1500 students

Day in Stockholm

Dear participant of ESN Finland’s Pirates of the Baltic Sea,

We are still unsure if the 18th edition of Pirates of the Baltic Sea (PoBS) will be held during the 14th-16th of April, but we will keep you updated. The decision to make it happen or not will be taken depending of COVID-19 regulations and of the local government authorities regulations regarding travel.
We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause you, and remind you that your health and safety are our priority. The main reason to follow the recent instructions from the authorities is to reduce the number of people at risk of infection.

Follow us on our social media channels for being up to date.

What is PoBS?

Don't take our word that it's awesome; take a look for yourself!

In essence Pirates of the Baltic Sea is...

A cruise for (not only) exchange students from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and beyond

Two nights of activities on the beautiful Silja Serenade

A day in magnificent capital of Sweden, Stockholm

And tons of fun with more than 1500 other students from all over the world!

How can I join?

Pirates of the Baltic Sea is organized during Spring 2021. You can take part by purchasing a ticket from:

Your local ESN section during announced sale times

Open sales that open during section sales (if you didn't buy from your section or are not part of any)

Last-minute sales if you waited until the last moment and there were tickets remaining from Open sales (note that these tickets will have a higher price than normal sales).

For more info follow us on


This is the program from last edition. New program will be updated closer to the cruise.

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